Friday, 5 April 2013

Heel lifts couldn't make it easier to get tall!

Walking tall with nothing more than heel lifts to help you achieve more height couldn't be more simple or easy not to mention affordable. Who knew that being tall was so easy. Dont be looked down upon by tall people when you cold be the ones looking down on other if you where to buy some heel lifts! Its true that just by getting some of these heel lifts it possible to increase your height by... 3 INCHES!

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Friday, 15 March 2013

The gap between rich and poor

There is a huge gap between the rich and poor in England and its being noticed by the poor but unnoticed or ignored by the rich. The rich are getting richer and the poor are simply getting poorer without anything being done about it. How far will this go?
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Searched and searched finally found a solution to get taller

Okay so I have been searching the internet all over for a way to grow taller and i think i have finally found a solution that will help us all out. Shoe lifts is what i have found. I bought a pair. Results.. instant height. Quit spectacular really to say the least as you wouldn't think that something a simple as some pair of insoles would be able to do some much... like increase height give me confidence and make people respect me. But they have done exactly that.

Life is now looking up. lol unintentional pun there.

I guess i will post more about these later on... now to go see what my new height will bring.
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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Buying shoe lifts if your small

Thought this was quite clever, one of my friends who is was quite small told me how he suddenly grew in height... you would never have guessed how you grew taller....? Guessed yet... well anything you said would have been wrong because he told me he used shoe lifts. Who would of guessed that some insoles that you can wear could potentially make you 3 inches taller..crazy i know but its true.
Right so im not small but like everyone i too wanted to be taller so i bought some of these height increasing insoles for myself to try them out and as soon as you put them on you can notice a difference in your height...LOL

You can read more about them here at: So thats just a quick how to tip fro people looking to look taller.
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Hey welcome to my new music blog

If you want to read about all the latest rock music and stuff read it where else.

Plus I may talk about other things beside rocks music... may share some art work I create or other things like how to's and what not... So stay tuned (no pun intended) for the best blog posts you will ever see.
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